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Director of Training, June Guido has a long, successful history working with dogs and their owners.

Her passion for obedience training as a means for creating lasting, bonded relationships between pets and their owners is why she first got started as an instructor. But truly, June has been involved in just about every aspect of owning and caring for dogs.

June’s work experience

In 1975, June began her apprenticeship at the Algeist Kennels School for Dogs in Tallahassee, Florida. After just three years as an instructor, she became a senior instructor. She served in that position for the next 15 years at Algeist Kennels and at Achates Canine Academy, where she was also a founding board member.

June then left Florida to move to Alaska where she became a Veterinary Technician and Emergency Response Coordinator. For two years, she assisted in surgery and post-surgery but never stopped training dogs under the Just Dogs Academy brand. In 1996, she not only instructed dog training classes and gave private lessons but also trained staff at American Pet Motels in Prairie View, Illinois.

She left American Pet Motels and became the Training Specialist for continuing education programs for responsible dog ownership at Invisible Fence Company. June had to both develop the training programs from scratch and teach the classes she created.

After Invisible Fence Company, June focused all of her energies on Just Dogs Academy, running the training academy wherever she lived, including her new home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

June Guido, trainer and owner of Just Dogs Academy

June Guido and her dogs, Tooie and Hugo

Memberships, volunteer work and breeding

Throughout her work years, June has served in a variety of volunteer organizations and been an AKC-certified breeder of Bouvier des Flandres dogs. Her volunteer and membership history includes:

  • Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Inc.
  • American Kennel Club Health Foundation Presidents Council
  • Nestle/Purina Ambassador
  • American Bouvier des Flandres Club
  • American Dog Owners Association
  • Owner Handler Association
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Delta Society and Pet Partners
  • Various state-level kennel clubs

Locally, she is a member of the Forsyth Kennel Club and is excited to use the Forsyth County Humane Society as her training site for dog and owner training classes and instruction.

experienced dog trainer

Personal philosophy

June truly believes that training leads to happier, healthier relationships between dogs and owners – and really has a lot to do with keeping pets and their owners together. Sadly, dogs and owners that never learn how to relate to each other often result in an owner placing their dog for adoption. June works hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

As well, she believes her many years in her field have given her the ability to “speak dog” and understand a dog’s behaviors in ways that its owner may not.

“People always try to place human emotions on dogs – it’s totally natural to do that. But the reality is that dogs don’t have the same emotions as humans and thinking this way causes owners to misinterpret what’s happening with their dog. I help owners understand what a dog is really thinking or why it is exhibiting a behavior so that the owner can correctly interpret it and manage it,” says June.

June wants all owners to experience the fulfilling, happy relationships with their dogs that she has with hers. And training is the foundation for creating this.

Additional class location! Pet Supermarket in Clemmons, puppy class starting August 20.